Melanie Rose

Artist – Performance Drawing

Melanie Rose is an artist and lecturer; exhibiting both in the UK and internationally. She is a member of the academic/practice based research group Land2.

Working in both mainstream and gallery education Rose is an experienced facilitator specifically in the genre of drawing. An example of projects includes working with Paul Smith, NHS, Ravi Shankar. Rose has been lead artist on four successful Arts Council funded projects as well as outreach community projects associated with regional galleries.

Melanie Rose specializes in drawing, but with a conceptual approach, inasmuch that she will use whatever is needed to communicate what it is that she is exploring. In the past she has used super8 film, paint, installation, photography, sound and digital imagery. She is drawn to the bespoke and how it fits with the digital age and how education can benefit from technology, but also how audiences are exhausted of it consequently her fascination lies with the politics of delivery, seduction and the value of technology compared to that of the hand made.