Music and Sound

An invitation was sent to Musicians and Sound Artists to participate

This is how it works:

A silent film will be sent to a poet or musician, who will interpret it into text or sound. The resulting piece of work (text or sound) will then be sent on (for further interpretation) to another poet or musician.

Anna will then curate / edit the sound, music and words back into the film. These films will be exhibited during 10 Days in Winchester, a festival for the creative arts 25 Oct – 3 Nov 2013.

A performance on 27 Oct will incorporate dance and performance drawing. Film of this event will then be fed back into the films at a later date.

Anna will create a website for this work in order that the participants will be able to access and share the project as a whole.

The following artists responded:

Joss Albért
Steve Bayley
Anna Bertmark
Steven Kemper
Stephen Solloway
Abby Wollston