Steven Bayley

Fire (this interpretation no longer available on this site)

I am a multi instrumentalist composer and producer, working primarily in the medium music for film. I have also self released four albums under the name Demis CousCous. For this project I opted to begin with a piano improvisation which was conceived and recorded whilst watching the video entitled Fire. I then edited the recorded material in order to approximate the manner in which the fire grows from something small, into something much larger and complex, before becoming minimal once more and finally extinguishing itself, leaving nothing but ash. My interpretation of the video involved time moving forward. We experience the fire of daily forward motion which is impossible to hold and leaves in its wake an image of the past as memories, here represented in the ash outline. I have no idea if this was the artist’s intention, however I treated the piano sound in such a way that it would sound antiquated to match this image I had whilst watching the film. I then added a sparse arrangement featuring Mellotron and Dilruba.