Anna Bertmark

Earth film

I made this sound response to the video (both Earth and Fire), by reflecting on the destructive and healing powers of nature and the human challenge to control these powers. The sounds your hear are all natural, taken mostly from fire and water sources. We can hear the sound from inside a human body (intestines, blood flowing through arteries and heartbeat), to the explosive Icelandic geyser, through fire elements, finally to be soothed by calming waters. I’ve also juxtaposed familiar sounds with more, for some, unfamiliar ones, like the call of the Fire-bellied toad and other species we rarely hear. The effect of hearing sounds we cannot readily place, can create an unnerving feeling, perhaps to remind us of nature’s prevailing power.

Anna Bertmark is a Swedish sound designer, based in Brighton. She has worked on several feature films and TV-series, and is nominated in the Sound Design category at this year’s Underwire Film Festival for the sound on Anna Cady’s Sundance nominated film 30% – Women and Politics in Sierra Leone.

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